What Not to Pack When Preparing to Move House

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When you're getting ready to move home, packing up all of your belongings is often the most stressful part of the whole affair. As long as you plan in advance, you can make sure it goes as smoothly as possible, but it's still not the most enjoyable activity, with a lot of time and hard work involved.

Once everything has been packed and transported to your new home, so begins the unpacking, which is usually a little bit more enjoyable, even if it is more hard work. To reduce the chance of any unforeseen problems, there are a few things you should leave out of your packing boxes, and carry on your person or safely in your car instead.


For something so small, jewellery is usually quite valuable. It's easily lost in the process of moving, so keep it somewhere safe and close to you. It's best to put it in a small, sealed box or envelope and take it in your car.

Important documents

If there's any documentation relating to the sale of your house, make sure you can lay your hands on it at any given moment. Things can and do go wrong, and the quicker you can sort them out the better. It's also a good idea to keep identification like passports to hand.


Although it sounds obvious, make sure you remember to leave both your old and new keys out of your packing boxes. This will ensure a smooth handover of properties.


If you're someone who likes to keep a bit of cash around, put it in a purse or wallet rather than packing it away. It's useful for things like food and drinks while moving.

Dangerous items

There's an extensive list of potentially dangerous items, but think of things that could explode or catch fire and you'll cover most of them. In some cases, these items can be transported by your removal firm, but you must let them know in advance so they can make any necessary preparations.


There's always a possibility you'll be so tired when you finish moving to the new property that unpacking is the last thing on your mind. If this happens, you'll at least want to be able to brush your teeth and have a wash, so keep toiletries separate from your other possessions.

Phone chargers

This is quite possibly one of the most frustrating things to be lost in a random box somewhere. Keep your phone chargers safe, plug them in as soon as you get to your new home, and avoid running out of power.

Entertainment for the kids

Don't forget how boring the whole thing can be for children. Make sure they're entertained by keeping a favourite toy or book out of your packing boxes so they have something to do while you're busy.