What To Look For In a Conveyance Solicitor

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Buying a house is an expensive investment and one that you should undertake with extreme caution. The law on conveyancing is more complicated than many areas of law with time constraints and constantly changing rules and regulations. If you are in the market for a conveyancing solicitor, here are some of the things you should be on the lookout for.


Solicitors charge fees depending on your location and their range of services. Before you hire a conveyancer, you need to determine how much you are willing to spend on their services. Compare the quotes of different professionals to find the average market price.

It is smart to agree on the fees before signing any contract. You should determine whether the professional deals on a fixed fee or will charge you a percentage of the property's value. You also should tell whether the conveyancer wants some upfront fee. Some professionals deal on a no move, no fee basis. Choose a professional whose payment plan aligns with your financial situation.

Mortgage Lender's Panel and Reputation

It is advisable to work with a solicitor who is on your mortgage lender's approved list. This is one way of finding a reliable conveyancer to work with. Make sure you appoint a solicitor who is on the panel of a bank or financial lender that will be giving you a mortgage.

Another factor to consider is the conveyancer's experience and track record. Working with a person who has years of experience will increase the chances of getting your dream house. An experienced conveyancer will ensure you move into a home that has been thoroughly inspected. Additionally, experienced professionals have a record of closing many deals, know what legal papers are needed, and will make sure the transfer of ownership is legit and runs smoothly.

Duties and Ease of Communication

It is essential to be clear on the role of property solicitors. Some of the major tasks that a conveyance solicitor will handle include; assessing the contract for purchase, enquiring about the legal title, conducting local searches, and handling your deposit and the mortgage. Your solicitor should also be involved with stamp duty issues and notifying the land registry.

When looking for a solicitor, you should also look for someone you can communicate with. Rapport is essential for a relationship involving the purchase of a house, and miscommunication can lead to unprecedented mistakes and significant losses. You need to work with someone who has excellent customer care skills and can advise you in layman's language to help you make informed decisions.

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