Three Critical Issues to Consider Before Buying a House With Asbestos

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In the past, asbestos was used as a construction material in the structural cladding, flooring underlays, wall sheeting and gutters. This mineral has beneficial properties such as chemical stability, ability to withstand heat and resistance to decay. Unfortunately, asbestos is also a hazardous, fibrous material which can cause severe health problems when inhaled. Therefore, the mineral is no longer used in modern construction. However, houses which were built with the material are still present, and you might find a beautiful home with asbestos on sale. This element does not have to be a non-negotiable deal breaker. If you are interested in such a residential building, consider the below-outlined issues before making your decision.

Condition of Asbestos

You should check the condition of the asbestos before buying a house with the hazardous material. If the mineral is bonded using a product such as cement, it will remain stable for longer. However, if the home has friable asbestos which is already crumbling, the investment might not be worthwhile. The house might already be contaminated, and remediation can be tricky. Also, you should think about the total area covered by the hazardous materials. Widespread asbestos can be challenging to manage and might require extensive renovations and partial home demolition. Therefore, you should only purchase the house if the total area covered is limited. 

Management Without Removal

You should discuss the potential management options without removal with your asbestos inspector. In general, if the asbestos is in excellent condition and not in danger of crumbling, there is no need to perform the removal. The possible management methods include sealing the asbestos-containing materials and painting over the affected areas. You will also need to check the area regularly for wear and tear. These actions can minimise the costs of handling asbestos in the home. Therefore, you can purchase the house without worrying about delays before occupation and removal costs. 

Removal of Asbestos

If the asbestos in your desired home is not intact, you will have to perform removal after buying the building. Removal is an involving process which requires time and money. In simple terms, you will need to delay your occupation timeline if you want to clear the hazardous material before occupation. Also, the removal process can be quite expensive because it requires expertise, equipment and proper disposal. However, these drawbacks do not necessarily mean that you should give up on the desired house. Instead, you should factor in the cost of asbestos removal and space remediation into the purchase price. 

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