When Pigeons Fowl Your Patio: 3 Little Known Ways to Keep Pigeons at Bay

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Wherever there are humans, you can be pretty sure that pigeons won't be very far away. This is especially true if you live in an area close to a shopping centre or restaurant. Your porch, eaves, windowsills, guttering and exposed pipe-work provide roosting and breeding areas for breeding pigeons and their young. If they like the area enough, you can also be sure that they'll return to enjoy your hospitality next year.

Unfortunately, while the pigeons themselves might not bother while situated high above your head, your patio area will soon be painted with pigeon poop. This will leave your garden furniture, plants, and any decorative features covered in guano. Deterrents such as fake owls, moth balls, ammonia and sound repellents don't work. Try these 3 little known pigeon removal methods instead.

Paint Roosting Area with UV Reflective Paint

Birds are able to see more colours than humans. Their ultraviolet vision helps them to see predators, select mates, forage for food and more than likely select suitable nesting and roosting locations. You can use this strength of theirs as a weakness by investing in some UV reflective paint.

This reflective paint can reflect the harsh UV rays of the sun and is used to keep surfaces such as cars, roofs and playground equipment cool. Because birds see even more colours than humans, they will be blinded by these surfaces and so will avoid landing on them. Paint roosting areas with UV reflective paint and your home will stay cool and pigeon poop-free!

Place Chicken Wire Above Surfaces

Basically, if a pigeon can't land—it cannot roost. If it cannot roost, it cannot paint your patio in guano. Run chicken wire or any other type of sturdy wire that could be found in your garage, just above every surface your pigeon squatters like to perch on.

Secure the ends, make sure the wire is taut and voila, you have pigeon-proofed the area above your patio at little cost. This can be done with horizontal pipes, eaves, guttering, fences and even tree branches.

Sprinkle Abrasives Over Roosting Areas

Again, you will need to get up to those areas where the pigeons like to roost so make sure you hire someone with the right equipment if you yourself don't have it, for your own safety. Sprinkle finely broken glass, broken brick and even baking soda over roosting areas to deter pigeons from landing.

You will need to apply glue or some form of adhesive to the surfaces before sprinkling the abrasive otherwise your patio could be covered in brick or glass fragments. Pigeons don't like surfaces that are rough on their feet  and so may think twice about roosting above your patio.

These techniques can even be combined but be aware that pigeons are notoriously stubborn when it comes to giving up roosting spots. Where there is a determined pigeon, there is a way! If you are struggling to get rid of the pigeons fouling your patio, call in the professionals. With their experience and knowledge, you can save your patio from pigeon poop.